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Here at the Cabin we love what we do.  We’re storytellers and image makers by trade. Whether it’s that of a company or an individual, we strive to tell authentic stories.

From product videos to personal documentaries, we believe each project has its own voice and we tailor each of our productions to meet the needs of our clients.

                                            ANDREW MORGAN & NICK NUMMERDOR

                                           ANDREW MORGAN & NICK NUMMERDOR


Our Work

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Behind the scenes, we’re always working on passion projects.  We produce and direct feature length and short documentaries that have screened both across the country and internationally.


Told through the eye’s of the event’s patrons, "Vannin’" takes you into the sun drenched world of “show-fields”, “puppy truckers”, and the enigmatic “two percent” movement; offering a entertaining all access look into a unique and often forgotten American subculture that saw it’s rapid rise and fall in the late 1970’s. "Vannin'" - A documentary about vans, vanners, and the custom van movement. (2014 - 60 minutes)

Featured New Release on Amazon Prime! Summer 2018



Hill Climb offers a candid look into the nearly 100 year tradition of the Mt. Garfield All Pro Motorcycle Hillclimb. The film is a snapshot of the riders, their bikes, and the enthusiasts that camp out on the shores of Lake Michigan for this exciting historic event.

(2017 - 11 Minutes)





North Branch

Throughout the 1970s, brothers Jerry and Jeff Kellogg of Muskegon, Michigan were a force to be reckoned with in the sport of marathon canoe racing. rowing up along the north branch of the Au Sable River as second generation paddlers, the brothers won their first local race as teenagers and never looked back. 

The brothers took home consecutive wins in the 120 mile Au Sable Canoe Marathon; all while battling 15 hours of steady paddling through the night. Their contribution to the sport of canoe racing set new standards for racers to come with over a decade worth of top 5 finishes. 

(2018 - 19 Minutes)



For years, my organization has worked with the guys at Little Cabin to create video content for our clients’ online training projects. We consider them part of our team and trust them as we would any of our employees. Nick, Andrew, and the rest of the crew are incredibly professional and skilled, but beyond that, they are also lovely people to work with. They bring an amazing amount of care, creativity and thoughtfulness to each shoot along with a great deal of patience and flexibility.

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