May 2013

An absolutely sincere "Thank You"" is in order to all of our awesome kickstarter supporters for donating and helping make our campaign for "Vannin': A Documentary" a huge success! We were succesful well beyond our expectations and it was all of you that made it so. In the end, we went well over our goal of $7000 and were able to reach a whopping 140% of our funding coming in at a healthy $9832! To be sure, all of those extra funds will be put back into the film to help make it even better. These additional funds will allow us to hire a sound designer who can make the film's audio top-notch for exhibition. Any leftover funds will most likely go to a color specialist who can make the visual aspect of the film glow!

The film's completion is now in full swing thanks to all of the wonderful backers who believe in the film and have supported us. Our editor, the multi-talented Chris, has arrived in Chicago and is currently working away on the film as I type this update from the Little Cabin Films office. We are beyond excited to put the film together and show it to all of you. It's been a long (and extremely fun) road to this point and there's still a ways to go. But, in the end, we hope to deliver a great film about vans and the vannin' lifestyle. Stay tuned and keep on vannin!